SERMON: “Blessed Are the Pure in Heart” (Matthew 5:8)

pure in heartThere’s a great deal of bad news around these days, aren’t there. Fighting, killing and bitterness in our world. What we hear on the news or elsewhere, really are the symptoms, aren’t they. They are the mere indicators of a problem much deeper than what can be seen on the outside. Any man-made measures to stem the tide of evil in our society – while important and necessary – if these measures are at the exclusion of God, they serve in many cases to be a mere “Band-Aids” on a gushing wound, or mere “Panadol” to temporarily relieve the pain of a disease that’s invading every area. The real problem is the human heart. As somebody once said, the “the heart of the matter is the matter of the heart!”

Listen along as we unpack Jesus’ statement: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”. (This sermon was preached at St John’s Lutheran Church on Sunday 30th August 2017). Please feel free to comment. God bless as you listen!



Hi. My Name is Wayne. If I were to introduce myself by what I have done, work-wise, I would have to introduce myself as a Preacher, a Pastor, a Family & Community Worker, a Student, an Air Traffic Controller, a Post Office Counter Assistant, a Mail Sorter, a Unit Trust Administration Officer, a Butchery Delivery Driver, a Teacher. These are some of the various positions I have held to-date over my lifetime. The periods I have occupied these roles for range from a few hours to a few years. More important than introducing myself by what I do (or have done), allow me rather to introduce myself by who I am. I am a Born Again Christian (who treasures his Lord), a Husband (who treasures his wife), a Dad (who treasures his sons) and a Minister of the Gospel (who treasures the Word of God). I pray that whatever is posted on this site will serve to bless and encourage you.
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